Massages - From custom individual massages to couples and groups.

Facials - Luxurious customized skin care services at affordable prices.
Body Wraps - Full body exfoliation, detoxification and skin polisher leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  

Check our complete services and rates below.


Regular massages help you do more of what you love. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a mom and entrepreneur, your daily grind adds stress to your body. Let's talk about who you are and what challenges your life presents to design a massage session around you each and every visit.

60 Minutes                           $80.00

90 Minutes                           $135.00

Couples 60 Minutes            $150.00

Couples 90 Minutes            $210.00


*Alternative services available upon consultation*


Luxurious customized skin care services at affordable prices.  Pamper yourself as you provide the necessary care for the skin you're in.  

European Facial                    $55.00

Deep Cleansing Facial          $65.00

High Frequency Facial          $65.00

Parrafin Facial                        $65.00

Hydrodermabrasion             $80.00

Chemical Peels                      $75.00

Back Facial                             $55.00

Salt Glow Body Scrub           $80.00


*Alternative services available upon consultation*

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